American Private Law Enforcement Assoc.

"Equipping Leaders for the Defense of Freedom"
National Training Headquarters - Salem, Oregon

Some History of the Key (APLEA's Logo) - When the key first came into Jonathan's mind as an idea, it was after much time spent alone. It was drawn like a stick figure because that was the best way he could describe it at that time. Jonathan grew up as one of five siblings however from the time he was young he was in and out of foster care, boys homes, the streets, and even juvenile jail. One thing this symbolized, was that family & fulfilling eternal destiny go hand in hand.

Two things we all struggle to know in this life is are we alone and what is our mission? Many with similar backgrounds as Jonathan sought out family in military service, organizations and even religious memberships.  APLEA has components of all those things and is also none of those things. We are a family and we do have a mission. 

Mark & Jonathan agreed that this logo would be a great idea to be used as a shield or family crest for the business they started after 9/11/01. The original drawing of the key was painted by Jonathan on band equipment and production gear he was gathering in the army and then was redrawn by a tattoo artist in Albany NY around 2003.  Shortly thereafter it was digitized by another of our brothers Scott Messare so we could use it in our business. 

Meaning of the Key

Two Red Arrows : God & Man, Band of Brothers, Covenant Relationship between people and nations

Gold Rings : Represent a holding together by something greater than oneself , one's beliefs, a code of ethics etc . Gold must be tried by fire in order for it to become pure. Relationships do not form quickly but they start with a commitment and then endure struggle which brings them closer together. Veterans experience this in the combat zone while marriages often experience this by doing life and raising a family. 

Blue Orbs : These 9 orbs are the same number of the a APLEA Ranger Squad. They also represent individual units that by themselves are not strong but held together by relationship that has been tried by fire they are a team. They are one symbol.

4 Stars : The four stars represent the land and the four corners of the earth. APLEA Rangers protect the land. 

We call it the key because we believe it provides that family and community are the solution to the locked doors of life that many of us lead. There are many variations of meaning that we have described to our members but one statement sums it up best: 

its about Family & Fulfilling Eternal Destiny 

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